Okay so you want to get some cheap and easy traffic, after all you put all this time and money into your site and you are just not seeing any returns. Days pass by and your hits number in the dozens. Weeks pass and your website growth is non existent. Clearly, something is terribly wrong. People just aren’t showing up the way you expected them to. It must be because you have such low traffic it can’t start to snowball. All you need is a jump start, an influx of traffic to get you going. It can’t wait for organic traffic to grow, you’re losing money with such low numbers.

Finally, you stumble upon the perfect solution; Fiverr. For just five bucks – an incredibly low fee – you can pull in two months of unlimited traffic! It’s a bargain, it’s a steal! Who could resist?

Get_TrafficShould You Purchase Traffic For Your Site From Fiverr ?

The internet is full of bad stories related to traffic gigs

Should You Purchase Traffic For Your Site From Fiverr ?

“Be very careful of buying any gigs that offer lots of traffic, they will destroy your rankings by sending automated traffic that has a 100% bounce rate in Google Analytics”

“Traffic Gigs Will Destroy Your Rankings!”

“I have used numerous gigs that promise to send you traffic to your url, keyword targeted, real people/no bots. I do receive traffic but the visitor stays maybe 2 seconds at best”

“Unless you’re just after increasing your bounce rate and having some hits, buying traffic for your website is quite pointless, imho.”

Remco Boom over at smarteraffiliatemoney.com has done an excellent job of showcasing some of the problems associated with these types of gigs. I have posted a couple of excerpts from his article below:


Gig 1 – Drive unlimited real visitors to your website

Traffic 974, conversions 0

Should You Purchase Traffic For Your Site From Fiverr ?

Should You Purchase Traffic For Your Site From Fiverr ?

So what do you think of these traffic stats?

A few things stand out. First of all the traffic seems to be coming mostly from Facebook. As you can see there is a fairly constant stream of traffic coming in around the clock.

If you ever tried to get Facebook traffic yourself with Facebook ads you’ll probably have noticed that the visitor numbers go up on certain times and down on other times, depending on your geo-targeting and niche targeting.

With group posts you’ll see a peak right after posting and then you’ll see it fade away to 0 really quickly.

In other words, the traffic shown in the above picture does NOT seem natural.

Gig 3 – Blast your solo ads to highly responsive list of 44,749 active subscribers

Traffic 3, conversions 0

I guess this highly responsive list is not so highly responsive. This seller provided me with screenshots as proof of sending my ad. They were screenshots of a bulk email application called ‘Super Blast Auto Mailer’ and ‘Big List Auto Blast’.
It’s pretty obvious that they don’t really work.

Gig 7 – Drive 2499 real Twitter traffic with bonus promotion on top social media sites

Traffic 577, conversions 0

I received traffic on day 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7. Very irregular and not by far the 2499 the seller promises.

On day 4 I contacted the seller and asked him why I wasn’t getting any traffic anymore. The seller replied a day later that his computer had been offline. I then asked him why that would matter because traffic comes from certain internet activities right? The seller didn’t reply back so I didn’t get an answer but it is obvious that this just doesn’t add up.


You can read the full review here: 


So think you should still go ahead with it?

Many sites, both old and new, use affiliate marketing in some form or another to bring in some supplemental cash. Amazon Affiliates and Google AdSense are some common basic affiliates. Google in particular pays out based on views, not just clicks. If you’re buying thousands of hits per hour, you’re probably getting them all from the same few IP addresses. Google – and other affiliates like it – can see those IPs and will realize it’s only a few addresses refreshing the page.

In the short term, this might cause your affiliate partnership to be put on hold while they audit your traffic. They will withhold payments as long as you are perceived to be gaming the system. In the longer term, chances are very good that buying traffic while using an ad affiliate will get you blocked from that affiliate program. Any program that doesn’t care about buying traffic likely only pays out pennies per thousand views. You won’t even earn back your $5.