Thinking about starting your own blog? Everyday more and more people join the internet, any many of them have an eye on making some money online. Nowadays you have the option of setting up a blog for free on a variety of websites. Free sounds like a great idea right? For some people starting with a free blog is the way to go, but if you are planning of making something out of your blog there are some huge downsides to using a free blog site:

not free

Free might not really be free

This might sound strange, but free blog sites exist to make money for the company offering you the “free” blog. They don’t give you a blog space because they are super rich and want to give to the needy like you and I. They earn money from all the hard work YOU put into your blog. Typically this is done in a couple of ways:

They sell your ad space
Free blog sites will put advertisements on your blog. You have absolutely no control over what is being advertised on your blog and you will not see a single penny of the money they receive from selling this ad space.

They sell you “upgrades”
Signing-up for one of these services may be free, but you will quickly realize that to make any significant changes to your blog you will have to pay. Want to change your blog design? $$$$. Want your own domain name? $$$$.

You might not be able to make any money

The goal of free blog sites is to make money for the company offering the blog space, not for you. This means that you are not allowed to sell products or services through your free blog.
In addition, the company offering you the free blog makes all the profit from selling ad space on your blog. Selling ad space is a major source of revenue for most blog owners, and it is something that is really not possible with a free blogs since you don’t have much control

When you start your blog on a free website you are essentially renting your blog space. Because of this, the landlord is the one who has all the power. If they decide to close their doors on you for any reason, then there is absolutely nothing you can do about it since you don’t actually own the blog.

To make matters worse, free blog sites don’t give you access to the full range of features that you need in order to become a successful blogger. In the step-by-step guide on this site I show you some cool tips and tricks you can use to optimize your blog. Unfortunately, many of these things simply can’t be done on a free blog site.

Free blogs usually have lower security

The reality of the internet is that sometimes sites get hacked. Yes, this can even happen to newbies with smaller blogs. If this happens to you, and you are using a free blog provider, the hacker can steal your domain name, which means that you will lose your entire site and may never get it back.

Many sites will recommend that you stay far, far away from free blogging sites. It just isn’t worth the headache or risk, no matter what type of blog you are starting.

The good news is that paying for your own blog can prevent all of these issues, and it isn’t expensive. Most of the time it is much cheaper than a “free” blog because there aren’t any hidden fees. Hosting  your blog can cost less them $4.00 a month!  You can get quality reputable hosting from many companies such as HostGator and Bluehost.