Success stories are being posted daily on the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard but one that caused a lot of hype is the story of “Parre”, a 20 yeard old blogger who after 1 year working on his site, now makes an impressive $10,000 per month with Amazon.

Parre was just like you; he had a dream to make money online. So he started a blog, got some training and worked hard for a year.


What Did He Do To Accomplish This?

Nothing you can not do yourself.

He followed the training inside Wealthy Affiliate, most specifically the “Online Entrepreneur Certification” course and got to work.

The training program, which you can access the first part (of 4) for free right now will guide you through the process of repeating everything Parre did.

Most specifically:

  • How to start your blog
  • How to get it up and running
  • How to choose a niche
  • How to write content that covers (super important)
  • How to use Amazon (and other affiliate networks) to male money.

That is all you need to know. After you’ve mastered that course, your only job is to keep pumping out great content often (ideally twice a week ) and let the content work hard to make money for you.

Parre’s Story Has Been A Huge Inspiration To A Lot Of People

Undoubtedly this post generated HUGE interest and his story has been shared plenty of times online, it’s just so fricking awesome and inspiring.

Even I was inspired and motivated to step my game up as I am still chasing after the $10,000 in one-month goal!

What was even more impressive is how this guy grew his income from one month to the other.

(You can see al the details and proof by clicking the links above).

In December, he nearly doubled his income in just one month, but how does one possibly achieve this?

All he did was just keep creating the same amount of content and following his training.

As you will soon realize if you decide to start on this journey, success online takes time but the work is accumulative.

You can’t judge your progress with what you do today. What you do today will help you achieve great results 6 / 12 / 24 months down the line.

That is why many people end up giving up, they fail to understand that the fruit of their labor will come later, rather than now.

But when you think about it, especially in Parre’s case: is 12 months of work worth it to be making $10,000 a month in a year or so?

I’m pretty sure you’d agree with me on this when I say: Damn right it’s worth it! 

How Can You Become Another WA Success Story ?

Step #1:

The first thing you should do is read this guy’s story from his own words. I suggest you take a look at his last income report where he shares his tips and tricks on how he can make such awesome commissions with Amazon.

Step #2:

Second, sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, fill out a picture and a bio and start exploring this amazing platform.

Step #3:

Your third and final step is to start learning, reading and viewing the tutorial posts and videos available to you. There’s a lot of valuable information for you there.

You can access the training by clicking this “Get Started Here” button on the left of your WA dashboard.


Luckily, WA is now free to join (it wasn’t always the case) so make sure you take advantage of this opportunity you have.

Even as a free member there is plenty of training, informative blog posts and videos tutorials for you.